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2 looks -  $355 (approx. 90 min - 8 fully edited pic.)
4 looks - $480 (approx. 3h. - 15 fully edited pic.)
5 and up looks - $750 (approx. 5h. - 30 fully edited pic)
(1 look = 1 location, wardrobe, makeup)

High resolution pictures are sent via Internet within 3-4 days of the shoot. Payment must be made before the shoot by cash or paypal (credit cards).

Portraits (non commercial)
A full personal portrait starts at $800. Prices will depend on length and location. A session ideally start by meeting and spending some time in a conversation, in order for you to feel comfortable and me to understand more about your inner self. We can then walk around and find the best location. Location can be outdoors, at your home or in a studios DTLA. 

Please contact me for an estimate.

About Me

Swiss born professional photographer with over 15 years of experience,  based in Pasadena, CA (Greater LA Area).


Please contact me by email, via the form below or at (626) 376-8450. 

Thank you!

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